Our Week in Review: Back to Business

Hi everyone,

What an incredible week away!! It was so awesome to re-connect with nature, spend time with my family and just unwind. We did so many great activities and I’ve come back feeling rejuvenated and ready for a busy event period!

Australia bush country
We’re continuing to focus on all things natural here at Kultured Wellness. The time spent in nature over the past week brought home again how important it is to keep things simple! Eat real food and focus on the health of yourself and your family. That’s it!

We’ve got some great insights from the past week and some announcements for many exciting events coming up!

Wellness Profiles

Last week on the Wellness Profile we featured Elspeth Haswell-Smith from Food For Life.

Food For Life -  Elspeth Haswell Smith

We’ve had the pleasure of taking part via video conference in Elspeth’s community group hosted in Toowoomba. Actually! I’m flying to Toowoomba on Monday to spend time with Elspeth and her team to further enhance their knowledge of our cultures. We love her practical approach to health and we look forward to more events with her in the future! Get to know her on the blog!


Q: When making jellies, how much do you heat the water and kefir to melt the gelatin? I’m always scared I’ll kill the goodness in the kefir or kombucha?

A: Great question! I’ve actually got a recipe for this in the Functional Fermented Nutrition e-book as I get asked this all the time! When you make the jellies, dissolve the gelatin in water separately. Wait for it to cool and then mix with the kefir so you don’t kill the probiotics.

Q: I froze the culture and then defrosted in the fridge. They don’t seem to be fermenting. Is it temperature? Can you tell me how I can save this batch, please?

A: Of course you can freeze the cultures. When you defrost the cultures it takes them longer to warm up, so letting it ferment for an extra day will activate them. The weather has also been cooler, which will also mean it takes longer to ferment. Let me know how you go. Sounds like they just need to warm up and wake up! You can take it out and keep fermenting it on the bench. That’s the beauty of ferments when they warm up they start fermenting again. You can definitely save it.

Kirsty’s Learnings

A beautiful video that continues our theme of getting back in touch with all things natural.


Kultured Wellness yogurt


So often I get people asking “why don’t you have a printed version of your Functional Fermented Nutrition book?” Well! I’ve now got the answer to this question!

We’re printing one!!!

Well, many actually.

You can buy your e-book on the website. For those who love to have something to hold and flick through, the printed recipe book is for you!  You can purchase it by selecting either the e-book or Hardcopy option underneath "Type" on the product page.

Thought for the week

I’ve spent a lot of time researching and experimenting in this field and I love learning more and more about gut health. My depth of knowledge and understanding of complex scientific processes can convert into constructive, practical and manageable advice for your health and wellness.

Be healthy, be well!