Our Week in Review: Fun with Fermenting, 21 Junk Street Q&A and the Mindd Forum are Coming up Fast!

Hi everyone,

Another busy week of preparing for some amazing events that we’ve had on and coming up!! We’ve been busy fermenting and preparing snacks for school and home. Take a look at our family’s fermenting journey!

School holidays are over and back to the world of school lunches. Whipping these probiotic bombs up for the kids. Simply water, lemon, Kultured Wellness Coconut Water Kefir and gelatin. Easy and super refreshing! Happy back to school everyone!

Probiotic bombs - the perfect school lunch treat

Family Fermenting! Hey, this is how I ferment for my family!! It’s SO big, and this is just to keep us going for a week!

8 litre fermenting jar - ideal for family ferments

What do you use to ferment?
Do you ferment in bulk?

Would love to see some of your photos from your fermenting adventures. Tag them with #‎KulturedWellness‬

Wellness Profiles

Last week on the Wellness Profile featured Lisa Bondarenko from Eshé Counselling & Mind Heart Body.

I’ve been friends with Lisa for many years and love what she’s doing in the health space, it’s awesome now to be able to work together in our shared passion for wellness. Check it out on the Kultured Wellness blog!

Lisa Bodarenko of Eshé Counselling & Mind Heart Body

Q & A

Q: Is traditional fermented food enough for our modern gut microbiome?
A: From my research and experience, I don’t believe that traditional fermented food has the power that we need to restore the robust gut microbiome of our ancestors. We now spend less time in nature and have very little exposure to dirt, which is where we acquire a lot of our beneficial and diverse bacteria. In today’s society, the use of antibiotics, medication, processed foods and sugars effectively deplete the health of the gut microbiome in a way never experienced by previous generations. Traditional wild ferments, teeming with lactobacilli, were once enough to supplement and support a healthy inner ecosystem. However, for many people today who begin with lack of diversity in their gut, these foods alone will not cause a major shift in the health of the gut microbiome. This is where specially cultured foods can help ensure that you are getting a wide variety of beneficial bacteria to support your gut diversity.

Q: I have a bacterial imbalance/parasites/IBS.  Will your cultures help with this?
A: Our cultures are a high-strength probiotic that will certainly aid in the rebuilding of a healthy gut flora, which is crucial for anyone suffering from any of these conditions. For more severe problems, probiotics are used in conjunction with a modified diet designed to eliminate pathogenic organisms from the body while nourishing the good gut flora. This process of completely rebalancing the gut microbiome is one that takes time and Kirsty works closely with individuals to support them through this process. For more information about consulting, please email info@kulturedwellness.com.

Kirsty’s Learnings

This article on “The recipe for a healthy gut” is just awesome! Must read!

Upcoming Events 

IMPORTANT! 21 Junk Street Q&A event has moved to this weekend, so there is still time to get your tickets and come along!! 

The 21 Junk Street event is on this Sunday 15 May in Yankalilla. We will be talking about all things Gut Heath related. You have heard about gut health and how important it is but now the question is how do you apply it to your daily life? This is your time to ask!

Learn more about the event at the Facebook event, click here for details.


This is happening next week!! We can’t wait to get to Sydney for the Mindd Forum!! It’s on from May 20-22 at Randwick in Sydney.

Are you going to be there? We’re packing the car next week so let us know if you’ll be there and we can stock up on cultures for everyone!!

Thought For The Week

Old age doesn’t make you slow, sick and frail. A poor diet, lack of exercise and chronic stress do! Not getting to bed on time does! Choosing to opt-out of a healthy lifestyle does!

Let’s all choose health for a happy, healthy and full life!

Be healthy, be well!