Mentoring with Kirsty Wirth

Are you ready to be mentored by Kirsty Wirth and chat about developing your skills as a practitioner, as a business owner or parent? Or are you looking find the motivation to learn new skills and strategies to achieve your goals and dreams?

Mentoring sessions with Kirsty is a chance to pick her brain and focus in on YOU and address the challenges, road blocks and belief systems that you may have and how to overcome them.

Kirsty mentors in the following areas:

  • How to develop client communication skills
  • How to parent a child with health challenges and needs
  • How to optimise your time and efficiency in your clinic or practice
  • Breaking free of limiting beliefs to focus on goals and dreams
  • Skills and knowledge to take your practice to the next level
  • Hiring and choosing the right talent for your business
  • Lecturing and presentation skills for reaching new customers and clients

Most importantly Kirsty's biggest skill is being YOUR cheerleader. To be in your corner to support you and believe in you to go for it!! 


Mentoring with Naturopath Gabriella Sassi

Gabi's mentor appointments are designed to assist new practitioners or students in furthering their skills as a professional and learning how to build successful client practice. They are hosted via online appointments and will be tailored to suit the practitioners level of education.

Gabi is passionate about educating to create lasting change in an individual's health. During her practice she has largely focused on applying functional testing, pathology and evidence based naturopathic medicine to personalise a plan for patients. It is with this experience, that she is now excited to add value back into your practice by offering one on one mentoring appointments.

Gabi's area of expertise also includes:

  • Microba report interpretation
  • Complete microbiome map reports
  • Case study support
  • Pathology & functional testing
  • Preparedness for practice
  • Cultivating curiosity


Gabi also offers a mentoring bundle, saving 10%,
that includes 3 mentoring sessions, which you can access here: 


Group mentoring with Naturopath Gabriella Sassi

Group mentoring sessions for naturopaths with Gabi involve a collaborative approach to achieving individual and group goals, addressing case studies, and answering questions. With a minimum of four people, Gabi will work with each participant to identify their specific areas of focus and provide guidance on various aspects of naturopathic medicine, including patient assessment, treatment protocols, business development, functional testing, and gut mapping. During the sessions, participants can expect to engage in lively discussions, share their experiences and perspectives, and receive valuable feedback from Gabi and other group members. This group format provides an opportunity for peer learning and support, as well as access to Gabi's expertise in naturopathic medicine. Overall, these group mentoring sessions are designed to be a collaborative and empowering experience that enables participants to improve their clinical skills and achieve their professional goals.

Group Mentoring Bundle (3 x 1 Hour Sessions)


Group Mentoring Bundle (6 x 1 Hour Sessions)