Wellness Profile: Kale Brock

Welcome to the first of many Wellness Profiles on the Kultured Wellness blog. Each week, we will share a profile of an important contributor to the wellness space. They will share their passion for health, why wellness is a focus in their life and business, and some tips and info for us! We are delighted to be sharing Kale Brock’s profile. Recently we had the pleasure of attending the “Heal Your Gut” presentation by Kale in Adelaide and share some of our cultures with the audience. Now we get to hear more from Kale!

Name: Kale Brock
Business: Health Writer
Hometown: Adelaide, SA

What do you do in the health industry?

I research and report on health and other interesting topics, often taking complicated research and turning it into a fun, compelling and actionable message for the wider public.

Why did you start your business?

I am a storyteller and one of my goals with that is to inspire people to think and act in a different way. If I can be up on stage, writing an article, or recording a podcast that emotes in someone the drive they need to act – then I’ve done my job! That makes me happy and fulfilled. I had no choice but to do this job.
What does wellness mean to you?

It means being in complete control of your own health and life direction. It means using health as a tool to achieve your dreams.

What are your three top health tips for making lifestyle changes?

  1. Move! Exercise every single day (walking included).
  2. Manage your emotions – decrease stress, increase excitement, have more fun and find purpose.
  3. Nutrition – increase your nutritional profile by using probiotics and fermented foods, a whole food diet, supplements and wild foods.

Tell us, with an anecdote, why your business has changed your life?

My work allows me to live my life in a way that I want to. I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, so this work suits me. Once again, I’m a storyteller, and if I can inspire someone to take control of their health, or change their perspective about the meaning of life, then I’m very happy.

How do you manage a work/life balance?

I observe my emotions and productivity objectively. If work is stressing me out and my productivity is dropping, I’ll go surfing or exercise. If I’m feeling restless & need a mental outlet, I’ll work. It’s really that simple (I am 24 years old with only a few responsibilities – lucky me).

The best book to read for better health and wellness?

My book, The Gut Healing Protocol was written for this purpose. From my perspective, it contains the essentials of health so I honestly recommend it here. I also love work by Phillip Day and Paul Chek.

Your favourite inspiration/ motivation/ lifestyle quote?

If everybody is walking in one direction, you go the other. You’re guna’ stumble, but eventually, you’ll stumble upon gold. – Robert Rodriguez

The four words that best describe your business?

Fun, Entertaining, Powerful, Inspirational (I hope)

Big thanks to Kale for sharing with us!

To contact Kale or learn more about his wellness approach, visit:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalesbroccoli/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalesbroccoli/