Our Week in Review: Back to Health, Q&A’s and Exciting Events Coming up!

Hi everyone,

It’s time to get back into the health and wellness now that we’ve had our Easter Break. We’re kickstarting our healthy habits with some new recipes from our audience. Seeing you all enjoying and using the cultures in your daily routines makes me so happy!

Our cultures arrived safe and sound in Hawaii to REAL Yummy Food and they are fermenting up probiotic goodness as we speak. I’m so excited to be able to share our cultures far and wide.

REAL Yummy Food has also just released her e-book. It’s full of awesome ideas and staples! Check it out http://www.realyummyfood.com/

Another great photo shared with us this week was from @jordiepieface. I had a huge day bushwalking and feeling dehydrated I was dreaming of this drink. It would have been the perfect tonic!

Don’t forget to share your photos with us with the #KulturedWellness tag on Instagram.

Fermented juice drink


Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics! Here are some of the questions I am most frequently asked.

Q – Can you freeze the cultures?
A – Yes you can. It won’t impact the viability of the cultures.

Q – How do I know when my yoghurt is ready?
A – Yoghurt takes about 8-12 hours on the bench top to ferment. You will know that it’s ready when it has a tart taste and you will no longer taste the sugar from the coconut cream. In warmer climates, it may be ready sooner and in colder climates, it may need a little longer. You can judge this by tasting.

Q – Where should I store my cultures?
A – Cultures should be put in the fridge once they arrive, in a glass jar and can be stored for up to 3 months or in the freezer for 6 months.

Q – How to make coconut yoghurt using Kultured Wellness culture starters?
A – Here’s a video!  How to Make Coconut Yoghurt

See how easy it is to make coconut kefir and coconut yoghurt using Kultured Wellness culture starters. Don’t forget to share your ferments with us on Instagram and Facebook and tag @kulturedwellness so we can see what you’re making!

Kirsty’s Learnings

Fascinating article on the effects of microbes. Ever wondered why you’re feeling strange? This could be a reason!


Upcoming Events

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Katee from Holistic Endurance. She is a gun when it comes to fat adapted training and happy hormones. If you’re in Adelaide come along. I’ll have tasted and will be speaking on the importance of gut health and happy hormones. See you there.

Learn more about the event here: 


Thought for the week

Food is only as complex as we make it. So choose to keep it simple. Keep the ingredient list minimal, trust farmers more than factory-workers and always keep in mind how a food came to be on your plate. Stand strong in your personal food ethos and relish in that empowerment.

Be healthy, be well!