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With the kids at home for the school holidays, and the weather being so warm and humid here in Queensland, I am constantly making nourishing snacks that will sustain my kids' energy and satisfy their wants every day.
Ice-blocks are incredibly versatile and are on constant rotation in my freezer.
Using our cultures, these Pine-orange Ice blocks provide an impressive probiotic hit.
One ice-block delivers billions of beneficial bacteria straight to your kids' GUT.
The combination of both pineapple and orange not only give a lovely tropical flavour, but supply a variety of vitamins and minerals that will support your child's daily needs.  
Pineapple is an absolute power house when we are looking at digestive health.  
The fibre content in pineapple contributes to a healthy digestive tract, but it is the Bromelein content in pineapple that is the real hero.  Pineapple is our only source of Bromelein; an enzyme that helps the body digest proteins.  As well as improving digestion, Bromelein is known to also provides other health benefits, including relieving sinus problems, reducing inflammation.
These are great to make in larger batches and have them ready and available in the freezer for a beautifully nourishing go-to at any time of the day.
Optional: sweeten to taste with 6 drops of Stevia.
1.  Cut the pineapple in to small pieces and place them in a clean and sterilised 2L jar.
2.  Pour in 1/4 cup of Kultured Wellness Coconut Kefir
3.  Fill the jar with purified water.  Ensure that you leave a reasonable gap (at least 3cm) between the lid and the content of your jar. 
4.  Close and seal lid ensuring that it is airtight.
5.  Leave to ferment on the bench top for 12-24 hours.
6.  Place your 2L of orange juice in to a clean 2.5L jar.
8.  Close and seal lid ensuring that it is airtight.
9.  Leave to Ferment on the bench top for 12-24 hours.  Time will depend on the temperature of the ferment.
10.  Once fermented, drain your pineapple pieces using a strainer and place in a thermomix or blender.
11.  Do not throw out the liquid; this is perfect to drink as a Pineapple Kefir! 
12.  Take 1/2 cup of your orange kefir and pour on top of the pineapple pieces in the blender.
13.  Add in 1 cup of Kultured Wellness Coconut yogurt, 2 tbsp collagen, 1 tsp vanilla paste (or 1/2 tsp vanilla powder).
14.  Add in 6 drops of stevia (optional).
15.  Blitz all ingredients together until you make a smooth mixture.
16.  Pour in to Ice-block moulds and place in the freezer.
17.  When frozen, eat and enjoy!

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