Unpacking Resilience for Healing the Body and Experiencing Optimal Health With Dr. Terry Wahls


In this interview, we cover;

  • Mitochondrial function is an essential basis for good health
  • The benefits of tailoring our diet around the habits of our ancestral elders to maximise micronutrient intake
  • Diet and lifestyle choices are our complete responsibility and under only our own control to create a more positive healing environment and the basis for health
  • You don't need your specialist to approve every single change you make, be guided and supported by your primary caregiver
  • Biochemical markers change quickly, it's imperative to monitor pharmaceutical medications alongside nutrient supplementation and dietary change
  • Diet and lifestyle changes may be simple for some but they aren't always easy changes, this is where resilience and willingness to change, heal and thrive is important
  • Two questions to constantly ask yourself when wanting to nail a nourishing lifestyle;
    • What do you want your health for?
    • What are 1 or 2 things that are most important to you?
  • Factors that Dr Wahls believes contributed to her MS diagnosis: antibiotic use, chemical exposure from living and working in a farming environment, solvent exposure from being a passionate artist, formaldehyde exposure from gross anatomy lab at medical school, reduced vitamin D exposure whilst studying on top of the poor sleep and limited interpersonal communication also whilst studying
  • The food that is designed for children today has no nutrition and is made to create addiction and overconsumption
  • Dr Wahls top tips for improving the microbiome
  • Consumption of a variety of local spices and herbal teas
  • Fermented foods on a daily basis 

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