Our Week in Review: Workshops and Wellness Promotion

Hi everyone,

We’ve had another wonderful week here at Kultured Wellness with some great things happening in the wellness industry.

Huge thanks first up to Jeremy Princi from Holistic Lifestyler for having me along to the Fermentation Workshops in Adelaide. We attended the Guthealth, Microbiome & Fermented Foods presentation and sampled some of our cultures to attendees. It was wonderful to interact with so many people and hear about their experiences with cultures, fermentation and improving their gut health.

Learn more about the Holistic Lifestyler here:

We also shared some tastings on Friday night at the @holistic_lifestyler presentation on all things gut. So great to meet everyone and chew the fat!! Here’s the embarrassing shot of me and my wares:)

Kirsty Wirth of Kultured Wellness

Did you catch “The Diet Myth” documentary on SBS? If you missed it I highly recommend it. It’s a great look into the world of microbes, how they impact us and how we can nourish and feed them. I would love to hear what you thought of it.

It really inspires and encourages me to see more and more of this content on mainstream TV. The information is becoming so accessible and people are taking notice. Attending a presentation this week with so many people talking about gut health and fermented nutrition excited me! We are in control of our health and we can really change our lives when we focus on the health of our families, starting with wellness in the gut.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the new Functional Fermented Nutrition e-book. It’s wonderful to hear so many of you experimenting with recipes and expanding your knowledge of fermenting. Remember to share with us your experiences via our social media channels.

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Thought for the week

It may seem naff to say that it’s food which is causing our kids such agitation, stress and turmoil, but the science is stacking up and the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming! Every bite we eat goes to make and repair the cells in our body.

Be healthy, be well!