Health is Not Optional!

Somewhere along the way it seems that the human necessity to be thriving and vital has been misplaced. We once had no choice, for if we weren’t fit and agile we would be hunted down and killed by a predator, or at the very least starve to death because we couldn’t climb a tree to pick berries or chase a dear to yield meat. There weren’t any miracle drugs to stop a runny nose or relieve a headache. You either nursed a cold and starved a fever, or else developed pneumonia. Pain relief involved rest, fluids and maybe some essential oils or herbal teas. To cut a long story short, healthy living was not optional. It was essential.

Fast forward to the modern world and all of a sudden health is no longer a priority for everyone. Many say they’d rather die 10 years early than actually take responsibility for making beneficial nutritional choices. Exercise is viewed as an opt-in or opt-out activity – purely optional and is often the first to get bumped off the to-do list during busy periods. Even quality sleep, a compulsory activity that has proven time and again to be the key to longevity, is being traded in for late nights and super-early starts.

The excuses that justify mediocrity are endless, just as anyone…even yourself. Too tired, too busy, too this, too that! Everyone is busy and everyone is sick – correlation or coincidence? We may not have to climb trees or hunt down our dinner anymore (unless you consider a trip to the supermarket ‘hunting’), but we still deserve to be on the top of our game. We need to accept that optimal health is not something that we’ll aim to achieve “later”, “in January”, “after the holidays” or “when the kids are older”. It’s something we must take responsibility for now before it’s too late.

Old age doesn't make you slow, sick and frail. A poor diet, lack of exercise and chronic stress do! Not getting to bed on time does! Choosing to opt-out of a healthy lifestyle does! We were once a thriving species and we can be again, but it will take some effort on your part. 

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own health?

You will no doubt be up against some pretty hardcore resistance. The mental barriers that use comparison as a means of justification: “I’m still fitter than so-and-so” or “I eat better than most of my friends”. The family members that see nourishing meals absent of ‘fillers’ as ‘deprivation’. The friends that question why you’re so dedicated to your morning jog (or walk, or yoga class, etc.). Your partner, who can’t quite understand why you’d want to change your lifestyle – it hasn’t killed you yet, right?

Despite these challenges though, you can do this. Being the healthy exception to the unhealthy rule boils down to one simple thing; knowing in your heart of hearts that you are doing what is best for you and are finally taking the reins. It really doesn’t matter what others think, what they say or how they behave. You’ve got this. You are strong, capable and determined.
Show this world what they are missing out on: boundless energy, unconditional optimism, contagious happiness, inspiring confidence and passionate conviction. Be the example and change this world for the better, by changing yourself for the better.

Optimal health isn’t for the charmed ones, the young ones or the rich ones. It’s for those that take a stand against the societal norms that are slowly killing us all. It’s for those that refuse to accept anything less. It’s for you if you are willing.

Now, how empowering is that?