Endurance training
Ferments Q&A Week In Review
Our Week in Review: What Kultured Wellness is all About, Q&A’s

By Kirsty Wirth on Apr 14, 2016

Hi everyone, I’ve had some great reminders this week for why I started Kultured Wellness. It’s lovely to hear from all of you and hear how far you’ve come, but also to be able to remind myself of the health ...

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Katee Pedicini - endurance coach at Holistic Endurance
Wellness Profile
Wellness Profile: Katee Pedicini of Holistic Endurance

By Kirsty Wirth on Apr 12, 2016

This week we’re speaking with Katee Pedicini from Holistic Endurance. Katee is passionate about sports, health and overall wellness. We love her approach and can’t wait to partner with her on events in futur...

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Fermented Juice
Ferments Q&A Week In Review
Our Week in Review: Back to Health, Q&A’s and Exciting Events Coming up!

By Kirsty Wirth on Apr 08, 2016

Hi everyone, It’s time to get back into the health and wellness now that we’ve had our Easter Break. We’re kickstarting our healthy habits with some new recipes from our audience. Seeing you all enjoying and...

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Kale Brock - author & health writer
Wellness Profile
Wellness Profile: Kale Brock

By Kirsty Wirth on Apr 05, 2016

Welcome to the first of many Wellness Profiles on the Kultured Wellness blog. Each week, we will share a profile of an important contributor to the wellness space. They will share their passion for health, w...

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Easter Treats That Won't Shake up the Routine
Chocolate Easter Holiday Travel Recipe
Easter Treats That Won't Shake up the Routine

By Kirsty Wirth on Mar 15, 2016

Easter is coming up fast - can you believe it’s next week? I’m sure many of you are wondering how you’re going to manage a time that is so centered around sweet treats! How can you still use your cultures an...

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Fermentation Q&A
Fermenting Q&A Week In Review
Fermentation, Kale Brock’s Workshop and Your Q&A’s

By Kirsty Wirth on Mar 09, 2016

Hi everyone,We’re excited to bring to you a bunch of great information we’ve collected over the past week. Keep an eye out each week to see our updates. What’s been happening with us, what you’ve been asking...

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Fermented foods enhance gut health
Fermenting Gut Health Microbiome Week In Review
Our Week in Review: Workshops and Wellness Promotion

By Kirsty Wirth on Mar 02, 2016

Hi everyone, We’ve had another wonderful week here at Kultured Wellness with some great things happening in the wellness industry. Huge thanks first up to Jeremy Princi from Holistic Lifestyler for having me...

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Figs and Honey
Fermented Week In Review
Well It Has Been a Big Week for Us! Take a Look at What’s Been Happening at Kultured Wellness

By Kirsty Wirth on Feb 24, 2016

Hi everyone,Well, it certainly has been a big week for us, launching our first ever e-book, Functional Fermented Nutrition! The response has been overwhelming and we hope that you have as much fun learning a...

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A Calm, Content Christmas For All:  child reading
Christmas Diet Lifestyle Recipe
A Calm, Content Christmas For All

By Kirsty Wirth on Dec 21, 2015

Tis the season to be jolly, or so they say. However, for many of us, Christmas is one of the most stressful and busy times of the year. Party after party, family gathering after family gathering, picnics, co...

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Candida, Leaky Gut, Clostridia - can all make you feel bad.
Candida Gut Gut Health
What’s Going on in There?

By Kirsty Wirth on Dec 15, 2015

Why is it that, despite all the hard work that I’m doing - eating clean, exercising, using essential oils and even abstaining from chemical products in my home - I still feel like garbage? In fact, I’m prett...

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The Adventures Of Gut Healing
Diet Health Tips Lifestyle
The Adventures of Gut Healing

By Kirsty Wirth on Dec 15, 2015

I left school with a dream to travel the world doing outdoor sports. I loved the adventure of the outdoors and the connection to nature brought me so much joy. The time spent with friends, conquering my fear...

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Simple, wholesome ingredients don't require fancy labels.  Buy fresh.  Buy local!
Diet Health Tips Lifestyle Nutrition
Nutrition…Can We Regain Our Common Sense?

By Kirsty Wirth on Dec 09, 2015

Once upon a time nutrition wasn’t a controversial topic. We only ate foods from a plant, from the ground, or from an animal that had been treated well right up until its slaughter. Veggies, some seasonal fru...

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