Gut Seal Pre-mix

Gut Seal Pre-mix


Introducing our new Gut Seal Pre-Mix!! 

The microbes within our gut require fuel to grow and multiply and thrive and the lining of our gut requires soothing support to ensure the integrity of the gut mucosa is maintained. The gut seal mix was created to do just that. It contains ingredients that will not only sooth and nurture your gut and support gut integrity but also contains prebiotics that feed your beneficial microbes.

We have been using this unique mix in our clinic for years for conditions such as leaky gut, gut inflammation, IBS & IBD, constipation or loose stools, low gut diversity and those struggling with immune issues, metabolic and autoimmune conditions, mental health disorders and also especially for those rebuilding their gut health.

We have had such success with this mix with clients we wanted to simplify things for you by combining all the healing (and sometimes hard to find) ingredients into one mix and making it available to everyone.

Our BRAND NEW Gut Seal pre-mix contains:

  • Slippery elm - anti-inflammatory and provides a protective barrier soothing an inflamed gut.

  • Psyllium husk - a pre-biotic soluble fibre that supports constipation, bulks and softens stools easy supporting elimination.

  • Green banana resistant starch - prebiotic to feed beneficial gut bacteria, supports metabolic health and lowers blood glucose and modulates appetite.

  • Activated pepitas - contains fibre, polyphenols, phytoestrogens, carotenoids and omega 3 fatty acids and support digestion, bowel health and microbiome regrowth.

  • Raw cacao - increases dopamine levels, feeds Bifidobacterium strains, supports regeneration of a healthy gut lining and regulates your blood sugar level.

  • Ground linseed - a beneficial prebiotic fibre, contains omega 3’s including alpha-Linolenic acid which decrease oxidative stress in the body, regulate weight, regulate blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and disrupt inflammatory processes

  • PHGG - partially hydrolyzed guar gum is the hero of the gut seal slice. It is a unique soluble fibre, a type of nondigestible complex carbohydrate that holds water as it forms a gel in your digestive tract. Supporting metabolism, including reducing total cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, increasing HDL cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar response to a meal, reducing digestive inflammation, curbing appetite, and assisting weight loss efforts.

    One pre mix bag makes four batches of KW gut seal slice or can be used for a variety of other recipes or as a topper on yoghurts or added to smoothies.

    Click here for the gut seal slice recipe