Why is this a culture you want to be a part of?

In your gut, there are 100 trillion bacteria. Their job is to look after you. Our job is to look after them.

Antibiotics, anti-depressants, genetics, diet, stress; many factors can disrupt and damage the ecosystem of your gut.

And unfortunately, drinking a probiotic smoothie isn't going to fix it. At Kultured Wellness we're not just about making delicious fermented foods, we're about changing your lifestyle.

We can't promise to fix all your problems overnight but we promise you won't have to face them alone. We come at gut health from a personal perspective. We get it, because we've been through it.

Which is why we're adamant about quality. Unlike wild kefir grains powdered starters, our cultures are controlled. This means we know exactly what probiotics strains are, and are not, in them.

No guessing games, just real long-term solutions.