Juice Culture Information

Your gut led you here.
It's time to trust it.

Start here

You’ll receive our apple juice starter in a simple sachet. Add it to 2 litres of apple juice, preferably homemade. Leave it on your bench top to ferment, then keep for two weeks in your fridge. A lot can happen in two weeks: including the rebuilding of a whole lot of beautiful gut flora.

Don't waste time

Because we use fresh and organic apples, the juice needs to be drunk within two weeks. Don't worry, you’ll feel the benefits for much longer. One starter can make up to 10 litres of fermented apple juice. Your morning just got more refreshing.

For everyone

Our apple juice starter is ideal if you have allergies or intolerances to coconut. Also ideal if you’re starting to grow intolerant of your gut issues.


Tastes good

Fresh from the fridge, served cold. Or in your morning smoothie.