Supporting Parents of Picky Eaters Mini-Course

Supporting Parents of Picky Eaters Mini-Course


Led by health professionals who are also fellow mums, we've been exactly where you are right now with our own families. Dealing with selective picky eaters who won't touch their meals, hooked on sugary treats and processed foods or displaying other tricky behaviors during mealtimes.

We understand completely—the disinterested or temperamental child who rejects nourishing foods but is always eager for high sugar or processed snacks is a scenario we've encountered too. We've witnessed the repercussions of this situation, such as nutrient deficiencies, low energy and crabby moods, leaving parents like you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Now, let's bust the biggest misconception: Picky Eating has NOTHING to do with the food you're offering.

So, what's really causing it?

During this Mini-Course, we explore the root cause of Picky Eating and provide you with the skills, tools and resources you need as a family to feel confident and connected through food.

What you'll get:

  • Online learning including lifetime access to the six classes with qualified health practitioners.
  • Achievable action-plan following each class.
  • FREE Supporting Parents of Picky Eaters Digital Guidebook 

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