Confidence in the Kitchen: School Lunchbox Edition

Confidence in the Kitchen: School Lunchbox Edition


8 Weeks of Online Classes, Weekly Recipe Guides, Shopping Lists and Links to Recommended Tools

 The "Confidence in the Kitchen: Lunch Box Series" is an 8-week cooking course specifically designed to help parents confidently incorporate nourishing and fermented foods into their children's daily lunchboxes.Each week, you'll follow along with a guided cooking lesson and receive practical recipe guides, making the process of preparing wholesome and enticing lunches a delightful experience The course covers topics from setting the right foundation to mastering bulk cooking, catering to picky eaters, and creating delicious main meals. It's a hands-on journey to transform your child's lunchtime experience.

Week 1: Setting yourself Up for Success  

Week 2: Power House Must-Haves 

Week 3: Brain Food and Blood Sugar

Week 4: Catering for Fussy Eaters 

Week 5: Brain Break and Recess 

Week 6 : Being Prepared with Bulk Cooking 

Week 7: Nourishing Main Meals

Week 8: Class Party 

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