Louise S

The Kultured Wellness Program has certainly been life changing for me. I had many symptoms that I never thought were gut related. I had tried many programs and spent quite a substantial amount of money on doctors. I never saw improvements.

It was only after hearing Kirsty speak at a retreat, where she went through a list of health issues and related them to gut health, that I wondered if that was my problem. Practically all the symptoms/health issues mentioned were mine. It was a light-bulb moment for me.

I joined the program and testing showed I did indeed have significant gut dysbiosis. I have worked hard over the last 6 months to restore the balance in my gut and the Kultured Wellness team have been so supportive. Kirsty is such a wealth of knowledge and my health coach has been amazing. Their wisdom and advice has taught me so much. It has enabled me to listen to my body and to know what to do if I ever feel out of kilter. I also know what to eat to support my microbiome and I will never go back. I am very grateful.

Nourishing my gut has been key to the restoration of my health and well being. I would encourage anyone who has never received the answers they were looking for to give the Kultured Wellness program a try.