Eden Health Foods Activated Charcoal - Beginner Group Cleanse

Eden Health Foods Activated Charcoal - Beginner Group Cleanse

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Indication for use

  • Ultra-fine, medicinal grade powder, derived from coconut shell fibre and suitable for oral or topical use
  • Purified and steam activated, which increases what is known as adsorption capacity 
  • Strong drawing agent and promotes a neutral pH
  • Use to relieve bloating, cramping and digestive issues. 
  • To help absorb unwanted gas and toxins in the lower intestinal tract


  • Oral use: 1 teaspoon (2 g) mixed with half a glass of water; Follow with a glass of water
  • External use: Mix with water to make a paste and apply 1 - 3 times daily to skin; Remove and discard poultice when dry


  • May stain materials like bedding and clothing
  • Not recommended for use in those with severe bowel restriction
  • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • Contains activated charcoal; may interfere with absorption of nutrients and may interact with other medicines. Take 2 hours away from food, supplements and medication. Not recommended for long-term use.