Beginner Group Cleanse for Children Basic Kit

Beginner Group Cleanse for Children Basic Kit

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Starting January 2024!

Learn all about the Beginner Group Cleanse for Children HERE

The Kultured Wellness Beginner Group Cleanse for Children is a practitioner-guided worm and parasite cleanse specifically designed for children aged 4-16 years old and families who are just starting their gut health journey.

One Basic Cleanse Kit provides all the essentials to complete the Beginner Group Cleanse for Children for one individual.

One kit is enough for one individual cleanse. To include more family members select your options from the dropdown menu.

Upon purchasing your kit, you will receive a confirmation of order email and a next steps email that will grant you access to your online learning portal, the private Facebook Group and help you book in your Initial Health History Consultation. Please allow 20 minutes for these emails to come through to your inbox.


⚡️3-Week Parasite Cleanse including nine LIVE practitioner education sessions and 7-days a week coach support. 

⚡️1 x 45 minute Health History Consult with a Naturopath**

⚡️Essential Online Modules to instruct and guide you through your Cleanse

⚡️1 x 200 Kidney Support Herbal Formula 

⚡️1 x 200ml Parasite Herbal Formula

⚡️Digestion eBook

⚡️Food Guides and Child Friendly Recipe eBook

⚡️Private Facebook group with 7 days a week practitioner support for 5 weeks. Opening 8th Jan 2024 

**An extra 15 minutes will be added to the consultation time for each additional family member registered after the initial 45-minute consultation.

For any questions or to add more than 3 additional family members, please email