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Microba Test & Consult plus Bug Boosting Bundle

Microba Stool Test Kit & Practitioner Consult

One of our Mottos at Kultured Wellness is: 'Test, Don't Guess'... And you can do exactly that with this test, which shows exactly what is going on in your gut microbiome. It is an incredible first step in your gut-health journey.
As soon as we receive your results, we will contact you to book in your Online Naturopathic consult.

Bug Boosting Bundle

We have joined forces to collaborate with my favourite fermenting jar company Kilner Jars.

Kilner have been producing quality jars since 1842. These guys know what they are doing. I love the Kilner Jars for their distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. No oxygen is getting into these jars to interrupt your ferment.

Kilner glass jars are 100% recyclable, reduce wastage and the use of plastics, the Kilner jars are made using ‘A’ grade soda lime glass which has a smooth, non-reactive surface that can be easily sterilised.

Our Bug Boosting Bundle has everything you need to take your fermenting to the next level!!!

1 x 3L Kilner Jar
2 x Cultures (1 x kefir, 1 x Yoghurt)