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Pure Eden Activated Charcoal Powder (1kg)


Pure Eden Activated Charcoal is given internally to help detoxify individuals for a variety of toxic conditions, and it is also used externally in poultices.  As a general detoxifier, Activated Charcoal is without equal. 

It purifies the six to eight litres of digestive fluids that are secreted daily. This, in turn, helps to remove foreign substances from the blood. 

Activated Charcoal adsorbs the intoxicant substance and its metabolites that are excreted into the small intestine by way of the bile duct, and thus preventing their re-absorption. 

As we have noted, Activated Charcoal adsorbs drugs that diffuse back into the stomach and intestines. By neutralizing all these toxins, Activated Charcoal decreases the workload of the liver as well as the kidneys. While Activated Charcoal lightens the load on the body, it also lightens your budget.