Nutrition Summit MetaXplore GI Plus Testing Bundle
Nutrition Summit MetaXplore GI Plus Testing Bundle

Nutrition Summit MetaXplore GI Plus Testing Bundle

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Like I said in my talk, I wish I had access to this testing when I embarked on my own gut health journey, it would have saved me so much time and money. I know so many of you at the Summit really need this tool to move your health forward so please take 10% off the naturopath test price with this bundle! 

One of our Mottos at Kultured Wellness is: 'Test, Don't Guess'... And you can do exactly that with comprehensive functional gut microbiome testing bundle

1 x Co-Biome MetaXplore GI Plus Functional Microbiome Test (a link to pay for this test will be sent to you upon purchase of this bundle, therefore the cost you pay now is $175.50 and then $529 for the test through the personalised link, bringing the total overall price to the advertised $704.50)
1 x 1 hour Naturopathic Consultation

MetaXplore™ GI Plus helps explore the impact your gut microbiome may be having on your health. MetaXplore™ GI Plus translates diagnostic gastrointestinal markers and targeted pathogen, protist and parasite panels alongside metagenomic-driven gut microbiome insights for over 28,000* microbial species and their function.

*Can report on over 28,000 species although a typical healthy sample will contain between 110 – 244 species.


As soon as we receive your results, we will contact you to book in your Online Naturopathic consult.

Please Note: This test is only available for Australian residents. For international Orders, please check out the International Microba Kit Bundle

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