Buteyko Breathing Online-Supported Program

Buteyko Breathing Online-Supported Program


All nervous system rebalancing begins with the breath. We breathe every minute of every day and its regulation provides us with incredible power to harness wellness.

Buteyko breathing is a breathing retraining technique that offers benefits for a host of conditions. After your Buteyko breathing training, you can expect an improvement in:

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep Apnoea

  • Asthma

  • Adenoids and tonsils
  • Sleep disturbances

  • Fatigue

  • Improved exercise capacity

Buteyko is an amazing way to regulate your nervous system by realigning your breathing back to normal physiological levels.

Step into this unique and empowering course on how to breathe for optimal health. Also amazing for kids at that pivotal point where their ear, nose, and throat development is key, this course will teach you how to have fun with your child while restoring functional breathing. 

This Course includes:

✅ 3 weeks of online learning with lifetime access to the videos and content

✅ Downloadable resources and digital resources

✅ 1 x face-to-face training session via zoom. This session will be interactive and replays available.

"The fix is easy. Breathe less. But that's harder than it sounds, we've become conditioned to breathe too much. Just as we've been conditioned to eat too much. With some effort and training, however, breathing less can become an unconscious habit." James Nestor 'Breath'. 

**Upon purchasing this program, you will receive an email prompting you to log into the Kultured Wellness online education portal where you can access your content.