Mind Full…or Mindful?

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2016 is drawing to a close. It is amazing how quickly another year has flown past us in the blink of an eye. Most people start a new year fresh full of aspirations and goals, then without any thought, it’s the end of that year and most of these aspirations have not been fulfilled. Our […]


Have Yourself A Kultured Little Christmas…

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Can you believe Christmas is just a little over 3 weeks away! Every year it seems to creep up, then BAM! Santa’s on your door step. I’m the type of person who leaves all my shopping until the last minute; taking advantage of all those crazy late night shopping hours on Christmas Eve. However, that […]


Building Blocks for a Better Baby

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Becoming a Mum is one of the most rewarding experiences life will throw at you. The happiness and intense over-whelming love that I have towards both my kids makes all that sleep deprivation and any temper-tantrums much of a blur. However, with all that I have learnt on our gut healing journey makes me so […]


Biofilm Basics

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Do you ever get that slimy feeling across your teeth? Maybe you haven’t brushed them well enough and you can feel a bit of a build up of a sticky substance clinging to your pearly whites?  Well that slimy stuff is called Biofilm. Biofilm is basically a sticky, glue-like substance that is produced by bacteria. […]


Cleaning House…Controlling the Overgrowth of Candida

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Have you ever lived in a share house? Or had a roommate that you kind of got along ok with, you know at first they weren’t any trouble when you lived together quite happily but then, all of a sudden something happened and they started acting erratic, throwing wild parties, eating all of your food […]


In your Face

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It’s not new news that our insides are filled to the brim with all different kinds of microbes! It’s also not new news that we here at KW are obsessed with these microbes and transforming gut health which has been linked to a plethora of conditions and diseases. Perhaps, however, it is new news that ingesting […]

charlotte carr

Wellness Profile: Charlotte Carr from Bubba Yum Yum

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We are thrilled to share with you the wellness profile of the lovely Charlotte Carr. Bubba Yum Yum is a great website for children’s health. Charlotte has collaborated with Pete Evans on a healthy cookbook for kids and shares many wonderful recipes for kids! We’ve loved getting to know more about Charlotte and how a […]


Wellness Profile: Elspeth Haswell-Smith from Food For Life

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We are pleased to introduce another health and wellness loving person to you, Elspeth Haswell- Smith of Food For Life. We’ve had the pleasure of taking part via videoconference in Elsepth’s community group in Toowoomba. We love the practical approach to health and we look forward to more events in the future. Get to know […]

mindd forum

Our week in review: On holidays, Q&A and Mindd Forum

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Hi everyone, It’s a bit of a quiet week for us. We’re away on our break but wanted to check in and do a little review of the last week. There are some great events coming up on our calendar and we’re excited to share them with you. We love all your questions and we certainly […]

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