Adventures of gut healing

The Adventures of Gut Healing

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I left school with a dream to travel the world doing outdoor sports. I loved the adventure of the outdoors and the connection to nature brought me so much joy. The time spent with friends, conquering my fear of the unknown and of course pushing myself as far as I could. At times, I would […]

What’s going on in there?

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Why is it that, despite all the hard work that I’m doing; eating clean, exercising, usng essential oils and even abstaining from chemical products in my home, I still feel like garbage? In fact, I’m pretty sure I feel worse than I did before I started even bothering! … Does this sound like you? If […]


What you need to know about coffee enemas!

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What if I told you that there was a way to rid yourself of those stubborn toxins that just won’t budge. The petrol fumes you inhaled when filling up your car. The cleaning products you had no choice but to use at work. The BPA from the plastic water bottle you had to purchse this […]


Tools for the Tox

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In my last post, I talked about why detoxing can make you feel so horrible. The nasty waste-products released by dying pathogens, the burden on the liver and the general side effects that come from stirring up a whole heap of toxins! When it comes to detoxing, there’s many options available: cold pressed juices, Chlorella […]

Nutrition … can we regain our common sense?

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Once upon a time nutrition wasn’t a controversial topic. We only ate foods from a plant, from the ground or from an animal that had been treated well right up until it’s slaughter. Veggies, some seasonal fruit, sprouted grains and legumes, quality meat and fish, pastured dairy, farm-fresh eggs, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and perhaps […]


About fermenting …

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Modern fermenting for a healthy gut microbiome Fermenting is a simple process used by almost every traditional culture as a way to help preserve food from the summer harvest, so it could be enjoyed in the dark days of winter. But, what we now know is that the real magic of fermented food is that […]

Health is not optional!

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Somewhere along the way, it seems that the human necessity to be thriving and vital has been misplaced. We once had no choice, for if we weren’t fit and agile we would be hunted down and killed by a predator, or at the very least starve to death, because we couldn’t climb a tree to […]


A Kultured Christmas

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and for most of us, this means some time off work, family gathering and drinks with friends. The festive season can be such a joyous time of year, but for those of us that work hard year-round to maintain our health, Christmas can be an intimidating time […]

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